To normal dogs: A thing that can not be moved, that keeps you on one side of it.
To Podenco's: A challenge to either climb or jump over, crawl underneath, or try to run through and see what happens.

To normal dogs: A few moments to smell the flowers and interact with other dogs or play with your human.
To Podenco's: Your human's blessing to go on the hunt for an hour or two, three.

To normal dogs: Something wet to swim in.
To Podenco's: Something wet to leap over.

To normal dogs: Something humans use to sit on while they watch TV.
To Podenco's: A big dog-bed.

To normal dogs: Going back to your human for treats and cuddles!
To Podenco's: A hardly unnoticable noise in the background while out hunting for bunnies.

To normal dogs: Strange creatures that seem to be rather evil but cuddly at the same time.
To Podenco's: Big rabbits.

Other dogs:
To normal dogs: Friends to play with, or enemies to snarl at.
To Podenco's: Not rabbits.

To normal dogs: A machine that makes noise but is harmless.
To Podenco's: The force of all evil.

The normal dogs: Mice? Never noticed them.
To Podenco's: MICE CATCHING FEAST! They could be ANYWHERE!

To normal dogs: Getting from A to B quicker than when walking.
To Podenco's: Attempting to break through the sound barrier.

To normal dogs: Learning new stuff from your human.
To Podenco's: An attempt of your human to get you to notice them.

To normal dogs: Things your human asks you to do, you get rewarded when you follow their directions!
To Podenco's: Background noises.

To normal dogs: A box where the cat does it's business.
To Podenco's: Big food-bowls.

To normal dogs: Big, black bags that contain trash.
To Podenco's: Lunch in a bag.

To normal dogs: OMG best thing ever! You can chase it and return it to your human!
To Podenco's: An object that even people aren't interested in, they throw them away all the time.

Your human:
To normal dogs: My very best friend!
To Podenco's: Strange-looking two legged dog that dispenses food and functions well as a heat-pad

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